Sunday, 17 October 2010

My First Blog - History In The Making

History in The Making? Why?

I've been meaning to start a blog since forever but for some reason I have never set the time aside to write one. So why now? Maybe because its a bit of a boring Sunday afternoon and I have been on every website imaginable and thought what can I do now, so I have decided to start my blog! About what? To be honest I don’t know! I thought I would just start typing and see what happens. 
So what is happening? I guess I'm having a bit of a convo in my head and the words are appearing on the screen before me.
 I feel a bit like like Carrie in Sex and the City without the harsh looks and all the shoes and handbags lol! I'm just hating!
So who am I?? Good Question.... I'm Paula from Birmingham living in London with my beautiful 2 year old son, making a living out of Photography and various other sidelines such as selling on and on ebay  Ebay - Paula 

I was told a few years ago that I was going to be a serial entrepreneur and I guess it’s true and I love it.

My train of thoughts have been rudely interrupted by My Mums trying to help her do something on facebook!! Jesus wept! My 8 months old nephew just fell back and bumped his head and the kids are running wild because all the responsible adults  (including myself) have laptops on their laps! What is the world coming too?
I'm signing off now because there is way too much noise in here!
Promise I will be back soon.
Happy Sunday

Paula xoxo